Thursday, January 5, 2012

Comics and comics and comics

I just realized I've made a bunch of comics and forgot to post anything about them here. WHOOPS.

A few months back I started making some comics about certain experiences I had back when I went to community college. The run quickly became hijacked by run-ins I had had with a specific classmate.

(click images for fullview)

I went to community college about 6 years ago, so my experiences from then were pretty well shoved into the back of my mind. But drawing the above comic was like opening a floodgate of creepy, weird memories. Memories I made into cartoony, colourly comics obviously.

Warning for the third one if you don't like cursing.

 I remember after that going home and telling my parents, who told the department head who got campus security involved and things got a lot better after that. Though honestly, it didn't really effect me that much. It wasn't really until years after when I would talk to friends about the "weird guy I went to college with" that it clicked that it was super not okay that he was watching me eat my lunch everyday from a window for however many weeks/months on end. Oh to be a naive 18 year old girl. Still, turning a creepy experience into an over the top, cartoony comic so people on the internet can laugh at it is surprisingly therapeutic and I would totally recommend it.