Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Design Characters (so far)

I'm not too sure about the cat's face. It's pretty different from the style of the other two characters... Any crits you guys have would be great!


  1. Hey Brittany nice designs!

    The kind' a gypsy character is my fav. It has touched me..jeje. There's a huge community of gypsies in the south of Spain and my favourite music is Flamenco, which is a gypsy music. Also I love his sideburns..jeje. I used to have a hair close to his one......so a lot of good feelings about that guy.

    The one button missing on his shirt is a nice soft point. I wouldn't change anything from the pencil, but about the colour...what about changing the button colour so it's more noticeable that one is missing? and his cap too, maybe some grey Scottish pattern? some grey stripes also on his pants matching his cap? I would add also different colour on the patches of his jacket, pieces of cloth from other jackets. In general, some contrast playing with the colour.

    I love the cat...and it matches perfectly with the other too characters...it gives a little contrast on the design that makes it even more appealing. I would shave some parts on his legs or maybe the tip of one ear...more kind of a street, bad-ass cat, maybe an ear ring...jeje.

    She's cute, but her jacket make it me wonder what she's hiding..what's a good point but also makes it a little flat...The pattern on the scarf is pretty nice but it loses his effect being so dark and close on colour to her hair. A pocket on her jacket?

    Really nice characters that make me wonder what's the story between them.

    Good job!!

  2. Hey Juan, thanks so much for the awesome crits! They've been super helpful :D

  3. You're welcome!!

    For me it's always easier to critic other's work than to know how to improve mine...:D